Development of Friendly, Aloe Vera Unscented Paper Soap


  • Christine Beatrice Sonza General de Jesus College
  • Ashley Lorraine de Guzman General de Jesus College
  • John Kenneth del Rosario General de Jesus College
  • Marvin Reyes General de Jesus College
  • Jeremy John Roque General de Jesus College
  • Elicineth Bulanan General de Jesus College
  • Rodalyn Garcia General de Jesus College
  • Jmie Carol Maglaque General de Jesus College
  • Allyza Jane Reyes General de Jesus College


Business, Aloe vera, Allergic Rhinitis, soap


This study aimed to investigate the properties and usability of unscented paper soap, an innovative product designed to offer affordable and ease of use to its users. The researchers aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits of this product, including its efficacy in cleansing, compatibility with different skin types, and environmental impact. The researchers utilized both descriptive and developmental analysis methods to design the study. A purposive sampling method was employed to select the most suitable respondents to ensure the study's effectiveness. The data was collected using a questionnaire or survey. The study's participants were one hundred (100) grade 12 students from General De Jesus College for the 2022-2023 academic year. Many students who participated in our survey assessed the utilization of the proposed product, which concluded primarily from 1. development of unscented paper soap and 2. considered standards on the product. Substantially, the respondents indeed acknowledged the development of the product. Using unscented paper soap as a hand-washing tool in public was highly considered. The implementation was thoroughly appreciated in terms of its purpose, quality, and design.

In conclusion, the findings revealed that unscented paper soap has advantages for students, the environment, and future researchers. Students can benefit from the convenience and bacteria-fighting properties, especially those with allergies and sensitive noses. The product is also eco-friendly as it dissolves quickly and comes in reusable packaging. Ultimately, this study serves as a valuable resource for future researchers in this field, providing them with a wealth of information and guiding them in their research.