Development of Multi-Purpose Scented Candle with Crushed Mussel Container


  • Marielle Cablao General de Jesus College
  • Kathlene Zyrene Macapagal General de Jesus College
  • Jeil Anne Marie Santos General de Jesus College
  • Kevin Roxas General de Jesus College
  • Gilrene Rose Escuadra General de Jesus College
  • Lyka Marie Flores General de Jesus College
  • Kathlene Zyrene Macapagal General de Jesus College
  • Jherwinne Pajarillo General de Jesus College
  • Micah Joy Sulit General de Jesus College


Business, multi-purpose, mosquito repellant, scented candle


This study aimed to examine the combination of mosquito-repellent qualities in a scented candle to create a better convenient product with multiple motives. The researchers aimed to provide a more affordable and valuable scented candle containing different purposes such as a source of fragrance and light, relaxation, concentration and aesthetic, and lastly, a repellent for mosquitoes. The researchers proceeded with descriptive and developmental analysis methods to design the study. For the security of the study’s effectiveness, a random sampling method was applied to select the most suitable respondents. A survey/questionnaire was used for the data collection. The study participants were one hundred (100) 11th and 12th-grade students from General De Jesus College for 2022-2023. Plenty of learners who took part in our survey evaluated the goal of our proposed product, which resulted mainly in 1) the development of a scented candle and 2) the purpose of the product. The respondents respond to the development of the product. Using multi-purpose scented candles as a relaxing and mosquito repellant was highly regarded. In terms of its purpose, development, and quality, the implementation received high appreciation.

In conclusion, the findings revealed that scented candles have many advantages for people of any age and are reasonably helpful for future researchers. Different kinds of people can benefit from the multiple purposes of the product, mainly from the new additional characteristic, repellent for mosquitoes. Overall, this study serves as a convenient resource for future researchers in this specific field because it gives them a fair amount of information and guidance for their own research.