Banana Vinegar: An Alternative for Ordinary Vinegar


  • Anjelene Soriano General de Jesus College
  • Faith Ahnn Villamayor General de Jesus College
  • Karlvhi Yanga General de Jesus College
  • Xyrus Jhon Jerry Vargas General de Jesus College
  • Mikaella Silva General de Jesus College
  • Kyle Valiente General de Jesus College
  • Russel Tayag General de Jesus College
  • Ken Razelle Viste General de Jesus College
  • Francesca Domenique Rivera General de Jesus College
  • Averell Zeus Tolentino General de Jesus College


Business, Banana Vinegar, Alternative to Ordinary Vinegar


STEM 12 researchers saw potential in banana plants: to make vinegar out of banana fruit. The study aims to explore banana vinegar as a potential alternative to ordinary vinegar. The research aims to investigate banana vinegar's production process, chemical composition, and sensory attributes, considering its potential health benefits and culinary applications. The study aims to provide valuable insights into the feasibility of banana vinegar as a sustainable and nutritious alternative in various industries. This study used a multiple-method design. Purposeful sampling was used to gather data from selected respondents who were most likely to provide relevant and meaningful information. A descriptive design was also used to conduct this research on vendors. Thirty-two people from San Antonio, 28 from San Isidro, 12 from Cabiao, and eight from Jaen responded to constructed questions and questionnaires to collect numerical data. Using a questionnaire, the data and information needed in the study were gathered from 80 San Antonio, San Isidro, Cabiao, and Jaen respondents. The results show that the respondents are likelier to want banana vinegar produced. The factors that affected their answers were its unique taste and the health benefits it had. The respondents also said that the smell must be lessened to match other consumers' preferences for the product. The results demonstrate that banana vinegar is possible as an alternative, especially for consumers who want to use sweet vinegar to make their meals and sauces.