Lived Experiences of Selected Senior High School Studentpreneurs


  • Finella Vernice Castro General de Jesus College
  • Mikaela Grace Corrales General de Jesus College
  • Renz Alfred Lapuz General de Jesus College
  • Abby Karrelle Gomez General de Jesus College
  • Jen Erica Millado General de Jesus College
  • Mary Angelique Mendoza General de Jesus College


studentpreneurs, challenges, management practices, strategies, business


Entrepreneurship has gained significant recognition as a promising career path, with even students actively participating in it for its benefits and advantages. The presence of studentpreneurs is vital for economic growth and job opportunities, but they encounter obstacles, difficulties, and complications in managing their business ventures. Despite the growing number of student entrepreneurs, there is still limited research on their lived experiences. This study aims to know studentpreneurs' challenges when managing their business as they balance the demands of school and entrepreneurship. To achieve the study's objectives, a qualitative research design was adopted using a phenomenological approach. Data were gathered through in-depth interviews with ten senior high school studentpreneurs from General De Jesus Colleges. The participants were selected using purposive sampling based on their level of entrepreneurship involvement and willingness to participate in the study. The study's findings revealed that senior high school studentpreneurs encounter various challenges, including time management when balancing studies and business. They manage to overcome issues in managing time by prioritizing tasks, identifying what needs to be done, and prioritizing them based on their urgency and importance. Despite these challenges, the participants reported overwhelmingly positive experiences as studentpreneurs.

Studentpreneurs reported personal and financial growth and a sense of empowerment as they developed their businesses. They also expressed satisfaction in contributing to their families' finances and supporting their education expenses. This study proposed a booklet to teach studentpreneurs about management practices and strategies. This research sheds light on the challenges faced by studentpreneurs at General De Jesus Colleges. Time management and Balancing School and Business were identified as significant obstacles during their entrepreneurial journey. By understanding and addressing these specific hurdles, educators and policymakers can better support and empower young entrepreneurs, fostering an environment where their ventures can thrive despite their inherent challenges. This study also provides recommendations about the management strategies that current and future studentpreneurs can use in their entrepreneurial venture. This is why this study proposed a booklet as an output.