Accounting Card Games: Fun Learning for Accountancy, Business, and Management Students of General De Jesus College


  • Francis Torres General de Jesus College
  • Sheila de Guzman General de Jesus College
  • Adrian Domingo General de Jesus College
  • Laurence Marcel Calma General de Jesus College
  • Ma. Margareth Fedelino General de Jesus College
  • Reena Lyka Gonzales General de Jesus College
  • Madelyn Nicole Mirallo General de Jesus College
  • Cathy Rivera General de Jesus College


accounting card games, gamified, ABM, accounting and taxation


Accounting is a crucial aspect of any business; students and professionals must understand the concepts and principles involved. However, learning to account can be challenging, and traditional teaching methods may not always be practical. Therefore, this research aims to propose the development of accounting card games that can enhance the learning experience and improve the understanding of accounting principles. This study employed a quantitative research design, particularly descriptive-developmental, to determine the need for accounting card games among senior high school students enrolled in the Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strand at General de Jesus College. Slovin's formula was used to determine the sample size, and data gathering involved two questionnaires - an evaluation tool and a needs assessment questionnaire administered via Google form. The proposed accounting card games were developed in three stages, and statistical treatment involved frequency count and percentage analysis. This study examined the challenges faced by students in the ABM strand when studying accounting subjects and their openness to new learning methods. The findings indicate that many students find accounting subjects challenging. However, some students did not experience difficulty. Most respondents are open to new learning methods and suggest using card games to learn accounting subjects. Respondents find them more engaging and interactive than traditional methods. These findings can guide the development of effective teaching strategies for accounting subjects. The study further highlighted the need to develop accounting card games as a gamified learning tool to improve student's learning outcomes. The proposed games aim to provide a positive and engaging learning environment that fosters peer interaction and enhances students' learning experiences.